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Huaiyuan Economic Development Zone

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  Huaiyuan Economic Development Zone is a provincial level development zone set up in 2003 with the approval by Anhui Provincial People’s Government, covering a planning area of 20.26 km2. The Zone is situated at the combining area where the entrances of three expressways, namely Hexu, Bengning, Jie-Fu-Bengal (i. e. Jingtai, Nanluo) meet. Neighboring to Huaihe River and Guo River the Zone has convenient transportation as Provincial Roads 206 and 207 go through and Bengbu Train Station and Airport is 10 km away, Hefei airport one and half hour away and Nanjing 180 km away.

  Huaiyuan Economic Development Zone was built according to the high quality planning, high standard and efficiency. Now after 400 million RMB was invested in infrastructure, the built-up road accounts to 28.1m2, water-supply and drainage 58.1km, electricity-supply line 34.5km, communication line 25.6km, the capacity of water-supply 20 thousand tons a day, four circuit power supply 35 thousand volt 10 thousand volt. The first part 3 km2 of Park’s is basically completed and 7 km2 within the Park is available to supply water, electricity, drainage, communications, BBN, cable television network and land, “Seven-supply and One-land”.

  The Park has formed three industrial clusters concerning stainless steel, mechanical electronics and textile, while acclimatizing to the situation of Bengbu and Huaiyuan in resources, energy, transportation and labor force.

  Huaiyuan Economic Development Zone has become the main platform of investment and the key area of economic growth in the county while boasting of advantageous location, scientific management and providing considerate and meticulous service. You are welcome to Huaiyuan for visit and business.