The People's Government of Bengbu City

Guzhen Economic Development Zone

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Guzhen Economic Development Zone, established in Mar. 2002 and approved to be a provincial level economic development zone by the provincial government in Feb. 2006, is adjacent to Provincial Road 101 and Jinghu railway. It covers an overall planning area of 30 km2 and a built-up area of 10 km2. The Park contains the following parts: section of agricultural and side-product deep processing, section of pharmaceutical producing, section of mechanical making, section of mechanical electronics and new building materials, section of comprehensive auxiliary Production and a provincial-level Taiwan industrial park.

The infrastructure construction in the Park is built up, including the supply of transportation, electricity, drainage, broadband network, communications, gas and land. The arterial roads, the gas station with the capacity of 30 thousand m3 per day, the 35kv and 110kv transformer substation and the sewage treatment plant capable of dealing with 20 thousand ton sewage a day and 20 thousand ton tap-water plant are all now in use.

Currently, the Park serves 125 enterprises, among which 83 in operation, 19 in construction, 23 by contracted.17 enterprises have invested over 100 million. The enterprises embody five stock-listed companies, namely BBCA Oil Company of COFCO, Guzhen Pharmaceutical Plant of BBCA Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, Bengbu Dacheng Food invested by Taiwan Dachan Great Wall Group, Bio-mass Power Plant of National Bio-energy Group and ENN Gas, over 10 foreign and Taiwan enterprises namely Taiwan Dachan Great Wall Group, Taiwan Yi Nuo Hua Tire Company, Taiwan Jiancheng Bicycle Parts Company, Taiwan Hete Clothing Company, Taiwan Yijia Clothing Company, Bao Li Yuan Industrial Co., Ltd of South Korea and ENN Gas Company. The hi-new programs concern soybean fibers, alginate fibers, vitamin D2D3 and LED. Some famous enterprises like Nanjing Jinpen Aluminum, Dongsheng Wood, Huaqiang Glass, Xiangyu Glass, Jihu Stainless Steel and Qiangli Heavy Industry have made their investment in the Park.