The People's Government of Bengbu City

Policies On Speeding Up The Industrial Development

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BF [2010] #14

The following policies are formulated in order to thoroughly apply the Scientific Outlook on Development, in-depth implement the Strategy of City-development thorough Industry, accelerate the process of A New Road to Industrialization, further financial support for industry, seize opportunities, upgrade restructuring and ensure sound and rapid industrial growth.


(1)Efforts shall be made to continuously perfect “Project List on Industrial Fixed-Assets Investment of Bengbu City”. All the industrial programs, in line with the national industrial policies or listed on the provincial “862”Plan, the provincial “Hundred-Thousand Project” Plan or the city “3461”Action Plan, are all qualified to be included in the List.

(2)Support for the preliminary work of key projects. Such projects as listed on the Project List on Industrial Fixed-Assets Investment of Bengbu City and invested to a certain scale will be refunded by 50℅ of the expenses occurred in formulating reports for approval, FSR, the environmental impact assessment report, energy-saving assessment report, safety-assessment report, design and related argument. Also, the investment of over/including 500 million RMB could be refunded no more than 800 thousand RMB and the project with an investment between 100 million RMB and 500 million RMB could receive refunds below 300 thousand RMB.

(3)Support for enterprise programs. 3 ℅ of the actual investment will be refunded to the enterprise after its industrial program comprising over 50 million RMB for fixed assets has been completed. The single program could be refunded no more than 5 million RMB and such new fixed assets include workshop, equipment and facilities.

(4)Support for the investment by big company. Preferential policies will be formulated to serve World Top 500, industrial investment of over 500 million RMB for fixed assets, transnational producing (trans-province or trans-city) company which transfers its headquarter, producing base or R&D center to Bengbu, in a way of “One Negotiation for One Enterprise” and “One Talk for One Business”.

(5)Encouragement for enterprises to introduce advanced technology and equipments. 10℅ of the actual investment in introducing foreign advanced technology and equipment will be refunded once for all to the program encouraged by the state, and the total refunded capital goes below 1 million RMB.


(6)Enterprises are encouraged to be expanded. The legal representative of a company shall be awarded once for all when its turnover exceeds a certain scale for the first time, that is 50 thousand RMB reward for over 100 million RMB turnover, 100 thousand RMB for over 500 million RMB,200 thousand RMB for over 1 billion RMB, 500 thousand RMB for over 5 billion RMB, and 1 million RMB for over 10 billion RMB.

(7)Enterprises are encouraged to devote more contributions. A once-for-all reward shall be granted to the legal representative of an enterprise when the returned proportion of the local tax exceeds a certain scale for the first time, that is 50 thousand RMB reward for over 5 million RMB returned local tax, 100 thousand RMB for over 10 million RMB,200 thousand RMB for over 20 million RMB, 300 thousand RMB for over 50 million RMB, and 50 thousand RMB for over 100 million RMB.

(8)Enterprises are encouraged to seek financing by listing on the stock market. Such enterprises as are turned to take in shares shall be rewarded in accordance to the Advice on Bengbu City Promoting Enterprises to Seek Financing by Listing on the Stock Market (No. Bengzheng [2009] 7) when approved to be in counseling period and issuing shares for the first time.

(9)Support for enterprise restructuring with outside. Enterprises in Bengbu are encouraged to cooperate or make joint ventures with World Top 500, domestic top 500, the domestic industry leading companies or corporations listed on the stock market, and the former legal representative of the Enterprise will be awarded once for all by 2‰ of the tactual investment when succeed.

(10)Enterprises coming outside Bengbu are encouraged to make business here. For the producing enterprise newly set up or entirely transferred to Bengbu, its legal representative shall be awarded 1 ℅ of the actual local withheld value-added tax of the very year on the condition that the enterprise reaches over 50 million RMB of turnover within 3 years after its being in operation. The highest reward shall not exceed 1 million RMB.

(11)Enterprises are encouraged to unveil development strategies. The enterprise with an annual turnover of over 500 million RMB shall be refunded 50℅ of the actual expense used to employ famous consultative companies for drawing up developing strategies. The highest reward shall not exceed 500 thousand RMB.

(12)Support for SMBs. The SMB development funds shall be established in accordance with the Law on Promoting SMB Development by the PRC and the Regulation on Promoting SMB Development by Anhui Province. The municipal financial revenue will provide 10 million RMB to support the technology upgrading, technological innovation and guarantee of the SMB.

Meanwhile, special funds shall be set up for the discount loans and the risk compensation of SMB according to Notice by Bengbu City Government on Forwarding the Management Regulation on Discount Loans and Risk Compensation of SMB (BZB [2009]#14). The Fund shall be used to provide risk compensation for the loans of financial SMB legally established in Bengbu urban area and mainly to offer discount and risk compensation to the guarantee companies serving the SMB.


(13)Support for the building of infrastructure in the parks. The municipal financial revenue will arrange certain amounts of capital for loans discount of infrastructural construction in the industrial parks/ zones, in a way of A Total Control with Big Discounts for Large Investment.

(14)The industrial parks and zones are encouraged to form their own industrial characteristics. On the condition that the producing programs introduced are not in line with the planning of the local industrial clustering, such projects could be recommended to other parks or zones concerned. And the fruits including investment assessment and tax shall be enjoyed by both the go-between county/zone and the destination county/zone according to the municipal regulation on investment statistics and the Regulation on Improving the Financial Management between the City-level and the District-level ( BZ [2009]#82).

(15)The municipal enterprises are supported to transfer to the parks. Such industrial enterprises shall be treated as newly founded and enjoy the policies for the new enterprises set up by investors outside Bengbu.

(16)The intensive land use by the parks (development zones) are encouraged. The property units building standard workshops with/over three floors in the parks/zones shall be rewarded by 10℅ of the investment to the workshop actually spent that year. And the rewards shall not exceed 500 thousand RMB.

(17)The parks/zones are encouraged to accelerate development. It is supported to establish co-operation parks in a national or provincial development zone or industrial combination area with the purpose of attracting outside investors to have an overall development. The withheld added-value tax and income tax of the city/county shall be fully returned to the co-operation park in the consecutive 6 years after its establishment.


(18)Support for the development of industrial bases and clusters. The leading enterprise with an annual turnover of over 200 million RMB in the industrial base newly approved by the state shall be awarded once for all 500 thousand RMB.

(19)Support for industries to form a complete set. As for the enterprise with an annual turnover of over 100 million RMB while enjoying the municipal supporting capital of over 20 million RMB with a yearly increase of over 50℅ its management team shall be awarded 500 thousand RMB, among which 40℅ shall be for the legal representative of the enterprise.

(20)Encouragement for investment from outside Bengbu in the leading industry. As for the enterprise with an investment of fixed assets in our parks of over 50 million RMB in the leading industry 100 thousand RMB shall be awarded once for all to its legal representative.

(21)Support for the development of industrial associations. The newly founded industrial association shall be financed 100 thousand RMB.


(22)Enterprises are encouraged to speed up independent innovation. The Policies and Measures on Promoting Bengbu Municipal Independent Innovation Comprehensive Reform Trial Zone (No. Bengbufa [2008]11) shall be applied to the famous brand products newly approved by the state, national new products and national/provincial/municipal R&D institutes.

(23)Support for the construction of enterprise R&D platforms. Such platforms as the industrial technology center, engineering (technology)research center and engineering labs approved by the province/city shall be granted once for all 10℅ of the expense for newly purchased lab facilities and equipments within 2 years after approval on the condition that the new investment in R&D and facilities amounts to over 2 million RMB.

(24)Enterprises are encouraged to develop new products. As for the enterprise whose products have been approved as the national new ones (new technology, new production process) its legal representative and research team shall be awarded 200 thousand RMB, 30 of which shall be for the legal representative.

(25)Encouragement for enterprises to speed up the construction of informatization. 5℅ of the total investment of the trial enterprise newly approved by the state/ province in informatization programs shall be refunded and the reward goes within 300 thousand RMB.

(26)Enterprises are encouraged to save energy and reduce cost. As for the program completing technological upgrading the enterprise concerned shall be awarded 100 thousand RMB when energy-saving accounts to 1000 tons standard coal or 3 million KWH annually. The same program shall be awarded no more than 1 million RMB. And the program which has received provincial/national capital support for energy-saving shall be exempted.


(27)Encouragement and support for enterprises to introduce talents. As for the advanced management talents, advanced technological talents, advanced technicians who have worked 2 years or set up a business in Bengbu, the local withheld personal income( the part exceeding 100 thousand RMB) tax shall be fully rewarded after confirmed by the municipal department of human resources and social security.

(28)Create relaxed environment for the development of entrepreneurs. The top tax payers shall be commended annually. The qualified entrepreneurs could be recommended as candidates of representatives of city congress or city committee of political consultation. The qualified entrepreneurs outside Bengbu could be awarded the title of “Honorary Citizen” or “Metal of Dayu”

(29)Continuously provide financial support for industrial development. All the counties/districts shall establish special funds for industrial development. The Funds shall be managed through cap-control budget and increased in line with the tax growth.


(30)Any industrial enterprises registered in Bengbu shall be supported by the special Funds without considering its ownership and attachment.

(31)The municipal enterprises shall be financed by the municipal financial revenue, the district ones by the city and the district by 50℅-to-50℅ and the enterprises in the three counties by their counties according to the policy.

(32)All the parks, units, programs and persons having enjoyed “One Negotiation for One Enterprise”,“One Talk for One Business” and the policy support of the Independent Innovation of Hefei, Wuhu and Bengbu shall be exempted.

(33)All departments related shall enhance the supervision and management to the special Funds and strictly abide by the financial disciplines. Any department or person is not allowed to practice fraud, seek private gain through power, perform one’s duty in a perfunctory manner, or the person concerned shall be accountable.

(34)The Policy is to be carried out on Jan. 1, 2010 and shall prevail over all the related documents and policies released before.

(35)Office of the Municipal Industrial Development Leading Group shall be responsible for the explanation to the Policy.