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Some Policies And Measures On The Tasks Of Promotion Of He-Wu-Bengbu Independent Innovation Comprehensive Assorted Reform Pilot Zone

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Some Policies and Measures On The Tasks Of Promotion Of He-Wu-Bengbu Independent Innovation Comprehensive Assorted Reform Pilot Zone
WF [2008] #18

1.Enhance Further The Industrial Core Competitive Power

1)As for the innovation industrial related core tech, the major equipment r/d project, or the re-innovation project of the significant introduced tech’ and equipment digestion and absorption in pilot zone, max 10million Yuan financial support will be given; as for those gained state fund support, 50% of the said state funding or max 10million will be given.

2)As for the significant projects of new type industry which has the intellectual property and is hopefully to grow in explosively way or the giant scale pillar industry in the innovative industries based in the pilot zone, the financial support shall be done in the way of one thing in one discussion and special thing handled in special way.

3)As for the high tech enterprise or innovative enterprise out of Anhui which has invested to set up a new type manufacture in the pilot zone to fill the depletive link or weak link in industrial chain, the reward value of 10% of the its actual investment value already transferred or max 5 million Yuan shall given to.

As for the high tech enterprise out of Anhui or innovative enterprise which is qualified to be a listed company and move its headquarter into the pilot zone, the reward of 5 million Yuan will be granted if it has invested its 70% listed company’s collected fund (above 100 million Yuan) into the pilot zone.

4)As for the newly ratified state engineering (tech) research center, enterprise tech center, engineering research lab, important lab, testing center, innovation consult center, military-into-civilian r/d center etc, 500,000 ~5million Yuan will be awarded in one lump; as for those tested and ratified as the outstanding unit, 300,000 ~ 3 million Yuan will be awarded in one lump; as for those who have been newly ratified as provincial level institutions, 200,000 ~ 2 million Yuan will be awarded in one lump; as for those who have tested and ratified as the outstanding units, 200,000 ~1 million Yuan will be awarded in one lump.

5)As for the high tech or innovation enterprises based in pilot zone, the retained parts to province and municipality of various administrative charges collected from them will be exempted. There is no charge over the newly set up s/t enterprise.

The retained part of the enterprise income tax’s new added value to the province and cities paid by the innovative enterprise will be awarded back to the enterprise entirely within three years.

6)As for the ratified high tech or important product, the newly added part of the VAT paid to the province and city will be awarded entirely to the enterprise from the day of ratification within three years.

7)As for the Anhui based state level research institutes of ownership system reconstructed, after the end of policy of the exempt of the enterprise income tax, land used tax and real estate tax for their self used land and premises for r/d, the related tax value portion retained to the province and city will be awarded back to the enterprise entity within two years.

8)As for the enterprise that takes charge of and formulates the international standard, national standard and industrial standard, max 500,000Yuan will be awarded. And 200,000 Yuan will be awarded to the organ that is ratified as a state intellectual property demonstration enterprise.


9)As for the high tech industrialized enterprise based in the pilot zone, 50% of the state allocated funds or the max value up to 10 million Yuan will be supported, if ratified by the state; 10% of the total investment value or max 10 million Yuan will be supported if ratified by provincial authority.

As for the various industrial bases such as the high tech industrial base and high/new tech industrial base in purpose of innovation, ratified or certified by state, 1million up to 10million Yuan will be awarded to the government of the city where manufacture base is located for industrial base construction; as for the new innovative project, the land will be supplied preferentially.

10)As for newly built platforms of public tech r/d, test and experimental, information, technical transfer and consultant service in the pilot, max 5million Yuan will be financed; as for those run in marketization, 20% operation cost will be supported every year among the qualified candidates in compliance with service deeds test in three years from the day of opening.

11)As for the technical research results from universities and research institutes purchased by enterprises or used by the results owner and carry out the first time the result transfer and realize the industrialization in the pilot zone, 200,000Yuan up to 2million Yuan will be awarded.

12)As for the branch institution of the well known innovation consultation organizations both home and abroad or the innovation consultation institute newly set up by the person who studies aboard which are moved into the pilot zone and purchases the real estate or build their office building in the zone, the financial subsidy will be given in one lump; those who lease the offices, 50% room charge will be subsidized annually within three years from the opening; the modern service incubators involved in innovative consultation in the zone will be supported in line with the related policies against s/t enterprise incubators if ratified by the provincial level authority.

13)As for the innovative service institutions and industrial aggregate service institutions engaged in independent IT, consultation and tech service running in the zone running in marketization, 20% operation cost will be subsidized annually according to their qualified deeds selected among the candidates within three years from the opening.

14)As for the ratified technical enterprise’s incubator above the provincial level and the enterprises under hatching in state university s/t parks, the retained value portion of various taxes paid to the provincial and city will be awarded back totally to the enterprises within five years.


15)The special fund for He-Wu-Beng independent innovation comprehensive assorted reform pilot Zone established by Anhui Government will be used in the expenditures of various funds, subsidies and rewards etc in the implementation of the said policy and measures. Special fund of 500 million Yuan will be arranged from provincial finance annually from 2008.

The provincial enterprise venture investment guide fund will be set up. The annual 100 million Yuan will be managed for successive 5 years and the total value is attempted be up to 1~2 billion Yuan by means of absorption of the funds from banks, enterprise venture investing institutions and other funds as well. The diversified enterprise venture fund funds will be introduced into the initially operated s/t enterprises through the share-joining in steps, follow-up investment and venture compensation method etc.

16)The provincial independent innovation products index will be published annually. The favorable treatment will be rendered to the independent innovative products which take part in the governmental purchase; as for the bidding project being price based, 5%~10% value will be deducted if the said product’s price is higher than the normal one; as for the bidding project being overall assessment base, 4%~10% scores will be added on the total value of said product. The government first purchase system will be implemented to the prototype products and the independent innovative products put into market initially which are conformity with the advanced tech requirements; the governmental order system will be carried out toward the significant independent innovative product.

17)As for the diversified enterprise venture investment institutions in the pilot zone still assume the venture loss after enjoying the relevant preferential policies stipulated from state due to investing the unlisted mid-small tech enterprises, the 30% up to max 10 million Yuan will be subsidized to compensate the venture deficit.

18)The credit control system which is adapted to the characters of small-mid sized s/t and innovative enterprises will be established. The financial and guarantee agencies are encouraged to carry out jointly the new hypothecated loans such as the impawns for intellectual property, equity and movable etc; the pilot zone based cities are encouraged to set up guarantee companies, small fund value lender companies. As for the guarantee companies and small fund value lender companies who are found deficits after they guaranteed or loaned the small-mid s/t enterprises, they will be subsidized 30% of total deficit value up to max 10 million Yuan.

19)As for the high tech enterprises and innovative enterprises, the retained portion of the paid enterprise income tax and fees relating the land transfer to the province and city in the process of being a list company will be awarded back to the enterprises totally. The high tech enterprises are encouraged to publish the enterprise (corporation) stocks and outstanding s/t small-mid enterprises are also encouraged to issue collective stocks.


20)As for the technical persons from universities or research institutes, who build up the enterprises in the zone with their research results, they will be subsidized 50% company registered capital up to max 2 million Yuan; their manning quotas will be remained in the original institutions for 6 years and those who request to back to their units in the reserved period will be arranged in the original place in the original occupation level. As for the studying abroad persons coming back or the technical personnel form non-government units coming to run the enterprise in the zone, they will be given the same value subsidies. The university teachers’ and students’ enterprise fund will be set up to encourage their commitments.

21)As for the senior technical and management personnel from high tech enterprises, innovative enterprises and venture investing organs in the zone, the provincial and city retained portion of their income tax will be paid back totally to them for their innovative enterprise undertakings, if their annual income is more than 100,000Yuan.

22)Reform the technical profession titles appreciation method and strengthen the test for real contributions and practical innovative abilities. As for the scientific and technical persons engaged in technical development or those engaged in intermediary agent services from universities and research institutes have obtained prominent social and economic benefits, they will be regarded as an important basis for their qualification of technical professional titles appreciation. The species right will be regarded as patent right if they are appreciated the agricultural technical professional titles.

23)As for the well known scientists, high end technical experts, innovative consultants from overseas engaged to work in the zone, 50% retaining fee in one lump or max 500,000 Yuan subsidy will be awarded.

24)As for the engineers and managing persons who are working in the state-owned or state share-holding innovative enterprises, they will be awarded the equity rights in compliance with the equity awarding trial policies over the state-owned high tech enterprises.