The People's Government of Bengbu City

Environment of Investment

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  Bengbu is well known as a “Pearl City” because of its abundant production of pearls since ancient time. Bengbu, located in the north of Anhui Province and established as the first city in the province in Jan. 1947, now has three counties, namely Huaiyuan, Wuhe and Guzhen, and four districts under its jurisdiction with a total area of 5951KM² and a population of 3.3 million. The City is situated on the division line between the south and north of China and at the combining site of Huang-Huai-Hai Plain and Jianghuai Hilly Region, featuring four seasons distinct, climate temperate, transportation convenient and business prosperous. Thanks to many years’ development, Bengbu has become the transportation hub in the East China, the important manufacturing base in Anhui Province, the central city for processing, trade and business, science and education in the north of Anhui Province. Bengbu is honored with the title of A National Mutual Support City between the Civilian and the Arm Forces, A Pilot City in Central China Enjoying the Preferential Policies for Northeast Industrial Base, A Pilot City of State Intellectual Property Rights, A National Science and Technology Commercial Innovation Base, One of the Cities of the Independently Innovative and Comprehensive Reform Trial Zone of Hefei, Wuhu and Bengbu, A First Civilized City in Anhui Province.

  Bengbu’s long history and brilliant culture has laid a profound cultural accumulation. Our ancestors had lived in the Huaihe River valley, one of the cradles of the ancient Chinese civilization 7,300 years ago. Massive precious relics have been discovered in Bengbu Shuangdun Site to the north of Huai River, vindicating the brilliant culture of our ancestors which rivals the Yangtze culture and the Yellow River culture. 4,000 years ago, the renowned King Yu, an hero of Xia Tribe for fighting the flood of Huaihe River, married Miss Tu Shan and convened the dukes, thus his selfless and heroic deed left an unforgettable legacy in history., Here is also the site of Gaixia Battle, a legendary happened 2,200 yeas ago, after which the Han Dynasty was finally set up. The cultural site of Ming Dynasty of 300 yeas ago—Zhongdu Town, Imperial Tomb of the Ming Dynasty in Fengyang County---is only 20 km away from Bengbu. Such famous Chinnese Intangible heritage items as Huagudeng, Sizhou Opera symbolizes Bengbu’s profound cultural deposits. The Huagudeng, the most representative folk dancing of the Han Nationality, also known as the Oriental Ballet, is reaching out to the world.

  Bengbu’s distinct location highlights its advantage transportation. Situated in the middle reach of Huai Rive with the Yangtze River Delta in the front and the Midwest in the back, the City is one of the hubs of national highway transportation, enjoying a broad economic hinterland. Bengbu is the first class passenger railway station of the north-south transport artery Jinghu (Beijing to Shanghai Railway), the largest container yard and the first-class freight station in East China so that you can get to most provincial capitals by train from here. The Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway will have a station in Bengbu, an interchange station with Beijing-Fuzhou high-speed railway (Beijing-Taibei high-speed railway). The Hefei-Bengbu inter-city passenger special railway is under construction at the same time. When completed, it will take only 2 hours to Shanghai, 3 hours to Beijing and half an hour to Hefei from Bengbu. The two expressways, Beijing-Fuzhou and Nanjing-Luoyang, interchange here. Bengbu Port is the largest along Huai River, leading to rivers and seas in all seasons. It is only 130 km to Hefei Luogang Airport and 170 km to Nanjing Lukou Airport. The 4C airport is now built up here. Bengbu will be developed to be the “Relay Station” with its superior geographic advantage for the relocation and melting of the economy-technology of the South-east and the energy, raw material of the Midwest.

  Rich resources contain great potentials for development. With abundant farming resources it is a key state base for agricultural and sideline products and commercial grain, among which the pomegranate of Huaiyuan, peanuts of Guzhen and crabs of Wuhe are well-known home and abroad. Bengbu has abundant mineral resources. The Huainan and Huaibei mineral bases are not far away. The three counties under Bengbu’s jurisdiction, neighboring Fengyang county and Suzhou city all boast of rich metallic mineral resources. Here the industrial land price is lower than the similar area because of its sufficient land reserve resources. Here the power supply is adequate as Bengbu stands at the key channel of “Anhui’s Electricity Transporting to East China” and the first phrase of 2×600000 KW project of Bengbu Power Plant is now completed and combined to the grid. The main gas supply pipeline of transporting the natural gas from the West to the East is now delivering the gas to our citizens with the capacity of 620,000m3/day. Bengbu has abundant science and education resources including the five state units in Bengbu: the 40th Institute and the 41st Institute of China Electronics Technology Corporation, the 214 Institute of China Weapon Industrial Head Corporation, China Triumph International Engineering Company (CTIEC) and First Design & Research Institute, MI China, 3 state engineering (technology) research centers, 3 provincial engineering technology research centers, 17 provincial enterprise technology centers, 1 Academician workstation, 3 Postdoctoral flowing workstation and 2 provincial S/T innovation service centers. 10 institutions of high learning including Anhui University of Finance & Economics and 34 vocational education colleges provide more 20 thousand graduates and 23 thousand Skilled technical workers every year. Besides, Bengbu, as an old industrial city, boasts of a crop of quality industrial technical workers so that the labor force is enough and its cost is low.

  Strong industrial foundation demonstrates unique economic advantage. Bengbu is the important comprehensive industrial base of Anhui Province. After many years growth, Bengbu has laid a solid industrial foundation in machine building and auto parts, photovoltaic technology, biomass, fine chemicals, electronics and information, new materials and energy sources, textiles, modern agriculture and modern service industries. Now we are making further efforts in integrating the resources and optimizing the distribution of industry in order to form the industrial clusters with local characteristics. Now Bengbu has 5 listed companies and 71 hi-tech enterprises with more than 30 kinds of flagship and competitive products such as citric acid, ethanol, lactic acid, electromagnetic clutch of auto air-conditioner, filter, natural gas compressor, fire engines, hoister, solar cell, electropane, all of which have advantages in size and technology both at home and abroad. Bengbu is also an A-class city in China’s opening-up granted the direct-trade right, and the port, customs, entry/exit inspection and quarantine institutions have been established to boost the foreign trade. By now over 400 foreign investment enterprises have been approved and the City has established economic and trade relations with 111 nations and regions.

  Broad field of investment provides great promises for cooperation. Bengbu is ready to provide projects on machinery and equipment manufacturing concerning compressor, fire engine, truck mounted cranes, water craft, environment-friendly equipment and numerical control machine. Here many glass deep processing projects such as float glass and resistance type touch screen, fine chemistry projects including citric acid, bio-ethylene and bio-medicine, the projects of new materials and new energy about new type electronics, photovoltaic and solar power, and the light industry projects on tobacco, food, brewing and textile, are all available. Bengbu can also serve you with a lot of cooperation projects in modern agriculture development, taking the construction of major commercial grain production, agricultural deep processing, agricultural S/T parks and standard raising zones for livestock and poultry. In the field of modern service investors are more welcome to invest in the projects of ecologic tourism, cultural tourism in pursuit of ancient interests and village tour. Many building programs including antique jade market, glass-product market, agricultural farmers and machine market, and financial, insurance and urban infrastructure projects are ready for investment. No mater in what field and in what way of cooperation can you find projects with huge market potentials and great prospects.

  Good environment of investment ensures future development. Firstly, investment policies are preferential. Investments in Bengbu enjoy the policy of Central China Strategy and Rejuvenating Northeast China, with the special policy of Large-scale Development of the Western Region for Huaiyuan county in an addition. The policy approved by Anhui CPC and Provincial Government for the Independent Innovation and Comprehensive Reform Trial Zone of Hefei, Wuhu and Bengbu is designed to support the projects in the three cities 500 million RMB each year and 1 billion RMB entrepreneurial venture investment guide funds a year. Meanwhile, pilot preferential policies on new pledge loans, guarantees and establishing small credit company are encouraged here by the provincial government. Bengbu also implemented its own series of privilege policies of support and encouragement including capital-aid, financial assistance for hi-new technology projects, rewards in cash for large projects, capital-subsidies for investment in leading industries, with the hope of building a perfect policy situation to fully interconnect with the developed coastal areas. Secondly, Bengbu is perfectly prepared for investment. Currently there is 1 national-level hi-new tech industrial zone, 5 provincial-level development zones and 8 industrial parks with characteristics. Bengbu Hi-New Tech Industrial Development Zone, now a high-new technology cluster with its own distinction, is one of the three national-level zones in Anhui Province that the Province attaches key efforts to develop. Bengbu Economic Development Zone focuses on the development of hi-new technology industries, advanced manufacturing industry including electronic information, business and financial service, and now the Zone is developing its various function parts among which central business section, administrative section, industrial section and college section have initially taken shape. The other 4 development zones have basically formed relative characteristics of industrial clustering and large scale production with their own advantages. Based on industrial base and industrial characteristics key efforts will be focused on the development of professional parks concerning photovoltaic bio-chemistry, electronic- information, Chinese glass and new material, auto, fine chemistry, ship and filter so as to build a mainstay for enterprise clustering and industrial agglomeration. Currently the three-year construction in urban infrastructure is in operation with a total investment of nearly 100 billion RMB. The Construction mainly strives to build the city most livable, most suitable for business and tour and to be a big modern city. After completed, Bengbu will show a new image, supported by good conditions to develop with enterprises. Thirdly, it’s the excellent administrative service. In recent years, efforts have been made in further promoting administrative efficiency and optimizing soft environment for investment. The Administrative Service Center and the Complaint Centers for Foreign Investors are now in use to perfect “One Station” service and provide “Green Channel” service for key investment project. It is our hope to build Bengbu to be one of the cities with the least procedures for investment project examination or approval, and the highest work efficiency. The dialogue system between industrial parks, enterprises, projects and government has been established to fully implement the promises to enterprises and provide qualified service to investors.